Classical Concerts Online In Tennessee

A station that I definitely consider a hidden gem among the many is WUOT out of Knoxville, TN. WUOT features performances of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. WUOT is also home to Garrett McQueen who infamously participated in a Reddit AMA. His program is one of my favorites as he tends to produce shows of pieces that connect together through broad or narrow themes. He frequently goes outside of the usual suspects which I appreciate.

In addition, Nashville Public Radio broadcasts the Nashville Symphony.

Classical Concerts Online in Ohio

Ohio has a few different important classical concert outlets.

WCLV out of Cleveland has broadcast the Cleveland Orchestra since 1965. The upcoming schedule is available. In addition, recordings are available on demand for two weeks after they are broadcast.

WGUC, a full time classical station in Cincinnati carries the Cincinnati Symphony. The upcoming schedule is available. On-demand streaming is available for one week after broadcast.

WDPR in Dayton produces several local concerts in their region, including the Dayton Philharmonic, Springfield Symphony and Richmond Symphony. For the upcoming schedule, visit WDPR.