Classical Concerts Online Abroad

There are several “honorable mentions” of classical concerts online. These are American radio programs that either feature international orchestras or are provided by international radio sources. This post attempts to summarize the available content. I was surprised to learn that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation utilizes geographic blocking for it’s classical music streams. Fortunately, many other countries allow their programs to be streamed by listeners outside of their country.

The Public Radio Xchange syndicates China’s Shanghai Symphony and the Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts out of Germany. Your local classical music station might include these programs on it’s schedule. In addition, the PRX has an archive of broadcasts that seem to be available for on-demand streaming for free. An archive of the Shainghai Symphony is available here. For the Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts archive, follow this link.

The United Kingdom is home to what some consider some of the greatest orchestras in the world. The London Symphony joins the Detroit Symphony in providing free video webcasts for viewers. An archive is also available on their YouTube channel.

BBC Radio 3 is another great resource for English spoken hosted concert taken. This British public radio station features a program entitled BBC Radio 3 In Concert. This program includes concerts from the Royal Philharmonic, BBC Philharmonic, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and more. For the archive of available past episodes, visit the BBC. An upcoming schedule is also available.

Another BBC Radio 3 program that features concerts from around the world is The Afternoon Concert. It includes an archive of past episodes for 30 days and an upcoming schedule is available.

Also based in the UK, Classic FM has a daily program entitled Full Works Concert. For the upcoming schedule, visit Classic FM

The Australian Broadcasting Company has a 24/7 channel devoted to classical music, ABC Classic FM. The afternoon program on Saturdays and Sundays features various Australian concerts including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. For more details visit ABC Classic FM.

Finally, the concert channel on Radio New Zealand features various concerts including the New Zealand Symphony. Some recordings are available on demand. For more details on the current schedule, visit Radio New Zealand.



Classical Concerts Online In America

There are a few nationally syndicated programs which are not attached to a single orchestra. These programs fit the theme of the website and should not be overlooked by classical music listeners.


SymphonyCast produces a weekly two hour episode featuring a different orchestra. Past episodes are available to stream on demand on their website for about a month.

Performance Today is a two hour program that airs several times a week on many stations in America. It includes a combination of album recordings and live recordings.  Past episodes are available for on-demand streaming for about a month.


Classical Concerts Online In Texas

There’s a fair amount of locally produced classical concert programming in the state of Texas.

KMFA in Austin, one of my favorite classical stations, produces one concert per month of various smaller ensembles.

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra has some broadcasts available on it’s website.

Houston Symphony broadcasts are available on Houston Public Media. For more information and the upcoming schedule, visit Houston Public Media.

Finally, the San Antonio Symphony broadcasts are available on Texas Public Radio. For more information, visit Texas Public Radio.