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The history of Classical Concerts Online can be quickly summed up in a handful of paragraphs.

My name is TJ and I currently live in the Phoenix, AZ metro. In mid 2017, I discovered the excellent SymphonyCast program on my local classical radio station. During the broadcast, they mentioned that the episode was also available on demand on their website, which allows for much more convenient listening.

SymphonyCast produces one episode per week featuring a different orchestra, both from America and from abroad. It quickly became my favorite podcast.  The ability to hear a major orchestral concert without having to dress up and deal with traffic is hopefully something that can expand the genre’s audience. I find that concert broadcasts allow for lengthier works than what is typically heard on classical radio in America.

As someone who enjoys hearing new interpretations of orchestral music, my curiosity was piqued and I embarked on a quest to determine just how many orchestras stream their concerts online. I was disappointed to learn that a centralized resource containing this information did not yet exist, but I was thrilled to learn that the number of orchestras who broadcast was much larger than I would have ever expected.

A handful of orchestras such as the Chicago Symphony, New York Philharmonic, and Pittsburgh Symphony are syndicated to various classical stations across the country, but I was completely oblivious to that fact because my local stations over the years have been KUSC out of Los Angeles and KBAQ out of Phoenix. Neither station has chosen to carry this programming on their local schedule. The convenience of the “digital age” enables us to bypass our local station if we’d like to hear content that they has been elected not to be distributed locally.

The end result of my research is this website which I hope can function as the centralized resource for listeners and fans of the many orchestras around America whose classical and pops concerts can be heard on the internet.

If you have any new information or corrections to the content that has been published here, or any suggestions, please  contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.